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ESD, UL Partnership Is Highlighted at CAPRE

For decades, ESD and UL crossed paths out in the field. Their executives knew each other. And finally, in 2017, they united to provide a big need in the data center industry.

Neil Lakomiak, Business Development Director for Building & Life Safety Technologies at UL, provided insight into this dynamic partnership during CAPRE’s Sixth Annual Washington, DC and Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit. He talked about the genesis of UL 3223, “a standard which was designed to be very comprehensive and address some of the pain points or gaps that were in the industry.” And he explained one of the key value propositions of the data center certification program: risk mitigation.

“We believe there is a case to be made with an insurance carrier that if you can meet the requirements of the UL 3223 Standard, that you’re less of a risk to an insurer and therefore you may have the opportunity to negotiate lower premiums with an insurance company,” he noted.

ESD’s David Lambiaso joined Lakomiak on the podium during “Inside UL’s Data Center Certification Program” to share his insights about the important program as well.