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ESD Ranks Among Top 25 MEP Firms in North America

ESD is moving up in the world of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering.

The firm ranked 25th among the 2019 MEP Giants published by Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine, with total MEP design revenue just shy of $60 million. In the 2018 ranking, ESD was among the top 30 MEP firms in the United States in terms of revenue, generating close to $49 million in the category.

“We’re dedicated to being the best, and it’s paying off with sustainable growth,” said CEO Zac House. “We are building efficiencies in our business, executing with excellence and continue to be valued business partners to our clients.”

The 2019 MEP Giants generated nearly $60 billion in gross annual revenue during the previous fiscal year, an increase of about $5.9 billion over the 2018 MEP Giants numbers. The list encompasses the top mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering firms in North America

ESD and others among the top 100 firms will be honored at a dinner and networking awards event in Chicago in October.

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