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ESD Project Is Finalist for Most Intelligent Building Award

Realcomm’s Most Intelligent Building Project Digie Award goes only to those extraordinary buildings that best demonstrate high performance intelligent building concepts. And that describes 151 North Franklin in Chicago, which was recently named a finalist for the prestigious honor in the IBcon category. 

“I am very proud that our latest Intelligent Building project at 151 North Franklin has been recognized by Realcomm as a ‘Most Intelligent Building Project’ Digie Award Finalist,” said ESD President Kurt Karnatz. “With more than 7,000 subscribers already, we believe this building sets a new standard and benchmark for the Intelligent Building space. Special thanks to The John Buck Company and a shout out to our new company, cohesionIB.”

What makes the project stand out? John Buck hired ESD to develop a mobile application and web-based portal tenant software for the new 151 North Franklin building to provide a radically different digital experience for visitors, tenants, brokers, building management and building operators. CohesionIB has developed more than 30 different features; for example, tenants possess powerful self-service options. They can let visitors head to offices without interacting with building security, which lets guards focus on security rather than serving as a concierge. It’s an example of technology meeting efficiency that, so far, has drawn rave reviews from tenants and from John Buck.

Realcomm has been presenting the Digie Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since 1999 to recognize those outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies as well as the people who have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry.