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ESD Launches Cybersecurity Practice to Help Clients; Industry Veteran Bryan Bennett Leads New Group

Proven leader in built environment offers new suite of cybersecurity services.

Building automation, machine learning, robotics, physical security controls and audio visual systems – these are operational technologies (OT) and tools that open cybersecurity risks beyond traditional information technology (IT) and cloud systems. Many of these OT systems are embedded within office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, data centers, hotels and retail spaces.

For this reason, ESD has developed a cybersecurity team, supported by a responsive and respected group of building system engineers and technologists, to create a partnership between IT executives, facilities managers and building engineers to raise awareness and develop protocols related to both IT and OT cybersecurity.

ESD is excited to announce Bryan Bennett has joined our team to lead the Cybersecurity Practice. Bryan has implemented cybersecurity strategies and protocols in gaming, healthcare, data centers and for governmental agencies. He has been facilitating IT, OT and security strategies for more than a quarter century across the country. As a strategic leader, partner and facilitator, he is focused on creating secure and trustworthy environments by educating people and enhancing building networks supporting IT and OT. His collaborative approach and track record of accomplishments has earned the trust of IT and OT professionals.

Explore ESD’s cybersecurity expertise in greater detail here.

Want to learn more? Reach out to Bryan at 312-476-6704.

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