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ESD Guides Intelligent-Building Initiatives for New Zurich Headquarters

The opening of a new corporate headquarters always deserves attention. But when the building in question contains cutting-edge technology features, it merits an extra look.

A Chicago Tribune article this week touted the upcoming opening of the new Zurich North America headquarters, a project where ESD provided the roadmap and implementation for the headquarters’ Intelligent Building platform.

“We’re really proud to help lead the development and implementation of the Midwest’s new benchmark of building intelligence,” said Kurt Karnatz about the region’s first Intelligent Building, an area where ESD continues to lead the industry. “We’re excited for the opportunity to demonstrate how a solid Intelligent Building business case will drive competitive advantage for Zurich North America.”

To support Zurich’s interest in a unifying smart system for its lighting, temperature, and shading controls, ESD provided Intelligent Building guidance based on Zurich’s goals and objectives. ESD developed an assessment of more than 130 possibilities for its smart building system, recommended the implementation of three dozen of these initiatives and demonstrated the financial and experiential impact of these recommendations.

Employees are expected to move into the 11-story structure in Schaumburg in October.