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ESD Aims to Create Integrated Workplace at Willis Tower

Given how busy work is, streamlining employees’ interactions with office systems is crucial. To that end, ESD is implementing our Intelligent Building Platform at Willis Tower to ensure our new workplace there is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to empower our workforce.

When we provide Intelligent Building consulting to our customers, we break down the potential benefits into three categories:

  • Economic: reduce operating and maintenance costs, lower construction expenses
  • Environmental: energy reduction, sustainability tracking
  • Experiential: greater occupant satisfaction, comfort, control, leading to enhanced productivity

With the primary aim of delivering Experiential benefits to our staff, the ESD headquarters will include our own Intelligent Building Platform (IBP) software when we move in this April.  

Modern office spaces include a variety of technologies for the convenience of workers. Unfortunately, this often results in various individual pieces of software… we call this the “basket full of remotes” problem. The IBP solves this by providing a universal remote for all interactions with the building.

The IBP includes apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, and it can also be accessed from the web.  Our employees will be able to access many different features:  

  • A digital credential which will allow authorized people to unlock secured doors by carrying their phone with them.
  • A room reservation module will allow users to find an available room and book it. The module can also release a room reservation. 
  • Dashboards will provide energy consumption and thermal comfort information.
  • Service requests can be submitted for common janitorial and maintenance problems.  
  • Information about the building, its amenities, local transit, nearby parking options and more will be available.  

The ESD headquarters project will allow us to reap the benefits of our own software product, while demonstrating the power of our solution to the countless clients and vendors who visit our space. 
ESD’s IBP exemplifies our commitment to Improving Society Through the Built Environment. Providing the IBP in our headquarters illustrates our commitment to our people.