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Dipping to Offer Expertise on Preventing Waterborne Infections, Healthcare Design Amid Pandemic

3rd Annual Watts Healthcare Symposium to tackle variety of topics.

Amid a pandemic, there are few areas more important than healthcare. ESD has always been involved in the space, but we have gone into overdrive since the coronavirus arrived. We have helped design a 3,000-bed healthcare facility at McCormick Place and revised systems and infrastructure to allow a nationally recognized academic medical center to participate in meetings, conferences, and discussions outside of its facility – conversations that saved lives.

James Dipping will offer his healthcare insights across four panels during the 3rd Annual Watts Healthcare Symposium. “Preventing Waterborne Infections During COVID-19” will take place Nov. 10. Dipping will no doubt touch upon the importance of choosing the right plumbing fixtures, as he highlighted in his piece for HVAC & Plumbing Product News.

The other panels Dipping is participating in are “Next Gen Facilities in a Post-COVID Health Environment” (Dec. 1), “Healthcare Design from a Facility Manager’s Perspective” (Dec. 8) and “Consequences of Poor Design” (Dec. 15).

Want to know more? If you would like further assistance in better understanding water safety within healthcare design, reach out to James.

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