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Creating a Healthy Workplace for ESD in the Willis Tower

Given all the time we spend at work, providing a healthy workplace environment is crucial. To that end, ESD’s Energy+Eco team is implementing two green-certification strategies to ensure our new workplace at Willis Tower is as healthy as possible for everybody when move in this April.


With the global adoption of LEED v4, ESD is taking on the challenge to de-bunk the perception that LEED v4 is too costly and difficult to pursue. The ESD headquarters is targeting LEED v4 certification with minimal added construction cost, and it is one of the first projects to request incentive dollars from ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program for Tenants.

The LEED-compliant design allows us to capture additional incentive dollars due to our reduced LPD (Lighting Power Density) and receptacle loads against code and will result in greater cost savings. (Fun fact: Our ComEd incentive dollars will cover the cost of our LEED certification fees — twofold!)

The ESD headquarters project will be our first LEED project to:

  • Implement MEP-related EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) to help us select products with a low manufacturing environmental footprint
  • Install formaldehyde sequestering gypsum board to improve indoor air quality in our Print Rooms
  • Install an energy dashboard to display energy consumption and to engage employees
  • Purchase over 90% Energy Star equipment and appliances

ESD’s pursuit of LEED v4 certification shows our dedication to a smarter, more efficient and more sustainable project.


ESD has been an early adopter of promoting Fitwel as a health and wellness certification, and the ESD headquarters will be one of the first commercial interior projects pursuing Fitwel, which focuses on healthy building policies and a project’s access to wellness amenities.

The ESD office will feature the following Fitwel strategies to achieve 2 (out of 3) star certification:

  • Sit/stand desks to promote physical activity
  • Quiet rooms to re-energize
  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) policy to increase air quality
  • Plentiful views to promote daylight
  • Access to purified water

ESD’s pursuit of both LEED and Fitwel exemplifies our commitment to Improving Society Through the Built Environment.

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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