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Office Technology Advice for Attorneys That Should Be on Everyone’s Docket

ESD Operations Director for Technology Jeff Drenovsky co-authors white paper for law offices looking to return to a post-pandemic environment. But his observations apply to building owners and managers across all industries.

In a recently published article by Savills, “The Future State of the Legal Workplace: Assessing and Adopting the Right Technology for Success,” Drenovsky offers return-to-office technology advice that transcends the legal industry. According to Drenovsky, “A proactive and innovative strategy can support talent retention and attraction, mentorship and culture-building, operating, and workflow efficiency, as well as enhanced client service and business development.”

Drenovsky says enabling office space performance and optimizing user experience through integrated technology should be the goal of any organization returning to a post-COVID hybrid work environment. Such technology includes optimized WiFi, quality audio-visual equipment, digital signage, reimagined conference rooms, and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS).

The piece also offers advice on developing a technology strategy that works today while anticipating needs and advancements of the future.

Jeff freely shares his 30+ years of technical expertise as a telecommunications engineer, consultant, instructor, estimator, foreman, and more to help advance ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

To learn more about ESD’s mission and values, visit our website. To find out how we can help you with your data network, security, return to the office, and other technology issues, reach out to the ESD Technology team.

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