Federation of Korean Industries Head Office Building

The new Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) Head Office Building features progressive sustainable design features.

The building skin features photovoltaic panels on the northwest and southwest façade spandrels to create heating and cooling load efficiency via the building’s integrated photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic panels are a key component to the unique building skin design using alternating upward angled spandrel panels to maximize sun exposure for energy collection, and downward angled viewing panels to minimize sun glare thereby reducing the cooling load.

Inner environment temperature control is achieved with an Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) system, a ductless method that allows for even airflow distribution, whereby cool air is brought into the environment via a floor swirl diffuser, which forces hot air upwards via natural convection to the return air ceiling plenum. This method allows for future floor plan flexibility in that it is much more efficient to relocate a floor swirl diffuser than it is to move conventional ductwork to accommodate changes in floor area composition.

The design for FKI received the First Grade Energy Rating in an independent review conducted by the Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT).