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The Power of Scripting Wins ESDi Tech Challenge

Innovation is at the core of ESD. And it’s great when our team members work hard in a friendly competition to try to out-innovate each other.

Process Automation was the topic of the 2019 ESDi Tech Challenge, and Samir Abdelmawla and Sunny Diaz emerged as the winners. Their submission, The Power of Scripting, demonstrated four excellent examples of how scripting can help streamline working between different software commonly used here at ESD.

ESDi works to improve collaboration and create a culture that encourages innovation (which is what the i in ESDi stands for). Tech Challenges, started by ESDi in 2016, involve teams of 2-3 people from different disciplines. The competition is open to everyone at ESD. The winning team receives either a cash prize or the opportunity to attend a sporting event with an ESD executive.

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