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Dipping to Offer Expertise on Preventing Waterborne Infections, Healthcare Design Amid Pandemic

3rd Annual Watts Healthcare Symposium to tackle variety of topics.

Speed, Collaboration and Grit Transform McCormick Place Convention Center into Healthcare Facility

Innovative building systems decisions made 25 years ago enable converting a convention center into a 3,000-Bed COVID-19 facility in less than 30 days.

How Can Healthcare Facilities Increase Patient Safety? Dipping Offers Eight Tips

Pandemic and Legionnaire’s Disease prompt examination of fixtures.

What?s Next for Healthcare Facilities? Ehret to Share Insights During Chicago Health Executives Forum Webinar

Healthcare design needs to be adaptable, scalable and equitable.

Ehret to Share Insights on Healthcare Facilities

The millennial generation is driving the demand for hotel-like hospitals. How will this impact the way hospitals, outpatient facilities and urgent care clinics are designed? Where are the opportunities for the architecture, engineering and construction communities?

ESD Engineers Discuss LEED, Sustainability for New Hospitals

When there’s a holistic design approach that marries the hospital’s architectural desires with MEP design requirements, LEED certification is possible.

ESD Helps Hospitals Comply With Upcoming Pharmacy Standards

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards can be confusing, with nuances that are hard to understand. Next year, hospitals and pharmacies will need to adjust to revised standards. 

Critical Controls for Critical Spaces: Health Sciences Commissioning

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that commissioning is commissioning no matter where you do it.

Ehret Discusses Top Trend in Designing Medical Buildings

Medical buildings have become more sophisticated than ever. What is the No. 1 trend in designing them these days?