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Electronic Trading

Trading Floors Face Business-Continuity Changes in Post-Pandemic World

Though high-tech financial firms have traditionally focused on highly redundant and resilient infrastructure to overcome disruptions to their trading floors, global pandemics and stay-at-home governance have not traditionally been on the list of business-continuity considerations.

Clients Can Benefit from VRF Systems for Trading Floors

Building and maintaining a trading floor is expensive for financial firms. Should companies choose to spend more money by installing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems?

Trading Floor Business Continuity Strategies Will Require Investments Beyond Resiliency and Redundancy

Business continuity plans have been tested during the pandemic, providing an opportunity to evaluate current workplace designs and operations standards to support traders’ health. There are several programming, design and operation strategies modern trading firms can implement to keep their traders trading.

Cool Air Commodity UFAD Systems in High-Density Trading Floors

The occupant density and equipment heat gain of today\’s high tech trading floor is much higher than that of a typical office space. How can you create an environment where people and computers can be simultaneously satisfied?

Fink to Address How the Industry Prepares for, Responds to Disasters

With the recent news about Hurricane Dorian’s path of destruction in the Bahamas and along the North Carolina coast, it’s a good time for denizens of the commercial real estate industry to remember the impact weather can have.

ESD Opens Office in New York; Ryann Menges to Lead Growth

For many years, ESD – an international leader in the engineering design of high-performance buildings, mission critical facilities and workplaces – has worked on projects in New York City. This month, we opened an office there to serve a growing number of clients on the East Coast.

Site Selection for Technology Intensive Spaces

Choose your site wisely.

Getting the Best Return on Your Investment: Comparing Transformer-based and Transformer-less UPS Systems

There are numerous UPS technologies in the market today. Each technology offers separate advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider these differences when designing your data center. 

The Changing Landscape of the Electronic Trading Industry

This article reviews the changing landscape of the electronic trading industry, focusing on the new finanical realities firms must face as well as how technology and infrastructure contribute to the success of these companies.