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Distributed Workforce

Understanding Thermal Screening Solutions as Employees Return to the Workplace

Giving workers who are returning to office buildings a sense of comfort is extremely important for their morale amid the pandemic.

ESD?s Technology Reintegration Guide Offers Recommendations for Office Reentry

We have been living through unprecedented times, and we know you have a lot of questions concerning your return to the workplace.

How to Transform the Learning Environment in Schools

This spring, schools were forced to adjust to the pandemic.

Fahim and Lardenoit Offer Guidance on Tech Strategies in Post-Pandemic World

Technology has gone from a nice-to-have tool to one that is essential for business continuity during the pandemic.

Karnatz to Address How Office Design Will Change Amid Pandemic

Long-held assumptions about the best ways to set up corporate office space have been upended amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Unified Communication and Collaboration: The New Normal Post COVID-19

Unified communication is a familiar term commonly used to describe a variety of software and hardware systems that bridged disparate telecommunications systems in the workforce and emerged in the early stages of traditional AV and IT infrastructure and application convergence.

Technology Revitalization Guide Alleviates Concerns for Workplace Return

All of us would prefer that when the worst strikes—whether it be a natural disaster, pandemic or another affliction—our workplace and enterprise are resilient.

Diaz to Tackle Topic of Video Conferencing During AIA Panel

As many in the United States are forced to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, a question arises: What tools are available to help us stay connected and productive?

Trading Floor Business Continuity Strategies Will Require Investments Beyond Resiliency and Redundancy

Business continuity plans have been tested during the pandemic, providing an opportunity to evaluate current workplace designs and operations standards to support traders’ health. There are several programming, design and operation strategies modern trading firms can implement to keep their traders trading.