Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent buildings are creating outcomes that benefit all stakeholders.

The business case for Intelligent Buildings is clear. Economic outcomes include reduced operating and maintenance costs along with lower construction expenses. Environmental outcomes include energy reduction and sustainability. Experiential outcomes include greater occupant satisfaction, comfort, and control, along with increased productivity. Overall, these outcomes spur tenant demand, heighten competitive advantage and enhance assets.

A truly intelligent building is informative, predictive, responsive, adaptive, diagnostic, corrective, and self-healing. Rapidly advancing building systems, sensor technologies, the Internet of Things, data availability, and cloud computing and analytics — along with mobile communications — have created countless possibilities in the field.

ESD brings together consultants, designers, project managers and integration specialists to provide a one-stop, team-based solution to your Intelligent Building challenge.  We begin from project conception and business-case justification to launch your vision internally with organizational alignment and buy-in.  We continue with strategic master planning and budgeting, with attention to phased implementation details.  We move into project design, with complete construction documentation including building information modeling (BIM) and book specifications.  We can assist with procurement and integrator contracting, and we provide a spectrum of construction administration from basic punch list to full-time on-site owner’s representation.