Technology services enable companies to be energy efficient while maximizing inter connectivity and productivity. Companies are most productive when communication flows seamlessly. ESD’s integrated technological services elevate collaboration and encourage progress through high-performing and complex infrastructures that include voice technologies, digital interactivity, and audio visual systems.

From major financial institutions and high-frequency trading floors to corporate and medical campuses, we develop custom solutions that are strategic, tested, flexible, and cutting-edge. We are unique in our ability to offer a depth of services as a single source for technology engineering consulting which is integrated into our core engineering services.

Our professionals provide the following technology infrastructure design and consulting services:

Structured Cabling System Design and Consulting

Structured Cabling Services are an essential component to the planning and development of all truly technologically integrated and safely engineered facilities. These IT networks transmit the data, voice, and video signals companies depend on to keep systems working properly. Our diverse team of specialists includes Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), Outside Plant Specialists (OSP), and Network Transport Specialists (NTS) to accommodate varying needs.

Audio Visual System Design and Consulting

Each company’s audio visual integration goals are slightly different. Many companies are competing on a global level and require reliable, flexible systems to synchronize across platforms. We provide audio visual and multimedia consulting services that integrate emerging technologies for the most advanced communication capabilities.

Security System Design and Consulting

To help safeguard people, property, and business assets, we offer security solutions that encompass a full range of protective measures and integrated communication platforms. Our engineers evaluate needs from all angles and assess how to integrate various services to upgrade and maintain safety and security.

Wired and Wireless Network Design, Procurement and Consulting

Mobile communications and computing are increasing at a rapid rate which puts an enormous responsibility on the wireless network. As the trend continues, the wireless network becomes critical for everyday operations. We provide design and consulting services that help clients choose and implement a system based on their current and future business goals. After the system has been deployed, we test the performance and functionality throughout the premises to confirm that it is operating to its fullest capacity.

Technology and Migration Project Management

IT migration can be a complicated process. ESD’s Migration Planning and Management Consulting Services reduce the impact of a construction project on a client’s business when moving technology systems from one location to another. The planning phase provides an understanding of the risks and anticipated costs of the move, and the management component breaks down the tasks involved and determines efficiencies and in-depth procedures required to meet the migration goals.

Intelligent Building Platform Integration

A truly intelligent building is informative, predictive, responsive, adaptive, diagnostic, corrective, and self-healing. Rapidly advancing building systems, sensor technologies, the Internet of Things, data availability, and cloud computing and analytics — along with mobile communications — have created countless possibilities in the field.

Healthcare Technology Engineering and Consulting

From the numerous laws and regulations mandating how patient information must be protected and distributed to the multitude of business issues to be considered, we understand what it takes to design integrated technology solutions for today’s cutting-edge healthcare facilities. ESD designs, engineers, and manages the implementation of medical technology systems, information systems, and low voltage specialty systems for a wide variety of healthcare customers.