Professional consulting engineering creates healthier and more productive environments and facilities that are more cost effective, flexible, reliable, and sustainable.

Our professionals have expertise with local and international building codes which allows us to facilitate effective and efficient systems design.

Our professionals provide consulting engineering design in the following disciplines:


Design of mechanical systems requires an understanding of an organization’s desired outcomes such as the air quality, occupant comfort, efficiency, and resiliency of operations, and how external factors impact design choices. Properly designed and operating mechanical systems reduce the number of individual complaints by improving operating efficiency and overall comfort and health of occupants.

Our mechanical engineers offer design solutions and technical expertise for:

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Central Plants
  • Cogeneration
  • Temperature Controls
  • Facility and Energy Reviews


The foundation for transmitting light and fostering communication and economic productivity is electrical systems design. Large-scale electrical failure can impact economies throughout the world while small-scale electrical issues impact convenience and short-term productivity.

Our electrical engineers offer technical expertise relative to reliability, resiliency, and flexibility for:

  • Normal / Emergency / Standby / Uninterruptible Power
  • Cogeneration / Distributed Generation Systems
  • Electrical Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Energy Conservation Retrofits
  • Mission Critical Systems
  • Reliability Analysis Reports
  • Site Power Distribution Systems


Proper sanitation systems prevent disease and contribute to healthy environments. Plumbing design and consulting includes incorporating domestic water supply, sanitation, and storm water systems into a facility’s design.

Our plumbing engineers offer design solutions and technical expertise for:

  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Distribution
  • Food Service / Pumping
  • Sanitary and Storm Drainage
  • Water Treatment
  • Acid Dilution Systems
  • Venting

Fire Protection / Life Safety

Safety is a basic human need. Properly designed and functioning fire protection, life safety, and fire alarm systems provide facility occupants, operators, and owners with a higher level of confidence that they are safe within their facilities.

Our fire protection, life safety, and fire alarm technical specialists offer technical expertise and design solutions for:

  • Fire Pump Booster
  • Wet / Dry / Pre-Action Sprinklers
  • Clean Agent Suppression
  • Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • ADA and Local Code Authority Systems / Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis and Insurance Rating Coordination
  • Hydraulic Calculations and Flow Analysis

Building Automation Systems

At ESD, we provide strategies that enable your building’s technologies to integrate seamlessly and expand as your business grows. We provide solutions that go beyond your immediate needs and improve how your building functions intelligently.
A Building Automation System (BAS) monitors and controls independent mechanical, electrical and technology systems to allow for a holistic approach to operating a building. With vendor neutrality and experience in a variety of different systems – electrical power monitoring, life safety and smoke controls, HVAC controls, lighting controls and security systems – we can find a solution that best meets your needs.