Health and Wellness Consulting

Health and wellness are common buzzwords in the development market today. Tenants are realizing the importance of providing healthy and comfortable places for their employees to improve productivity and attract talent.

ESD has been a leader in the health and wellness market by infusing well-being concepts into the design, marketing, performance analysis, and operation of built environments. We have experience on multiple projects related to health and wellness projects and have presented widely on the topic. 

As a participant in the first WELL AP provisional class, we have been at the forefront of the health-and-wellness movement. Our staff includes several WELL AP and Fitwel Ambassadors and continues to be a leader in health and wellness certification systems including WELL building, Fitwel, and RESET. Our team can help distinguish the value behind each certification for maximum return on investment, along with their synergies with other certifications (excluding LEED). 

WELL Building Consulting

The WELL Building Standard® is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and well-being. It operates in tandem with the LEED building rating system, which is focused on environmental sustainability. Its rigor is tied to extensive evidence-based research that highlights the benefits each feature (credit) provides to a specific body system (excluding cardiovascular, nervous) and its measurable impact on occupants. 

Some of our previous public presentations include:
Is My Building WELL Certification Ready?


Our experience as the WELL Administrator allows us to help clients understand the level of effort required for a new or existing building to pursue WELL certification. 
Common questions where we provide guidance include:

  • What additional scope is required above building code or LEED requirements?
  • What is the added cost?
  • Which features will make the most impact?

As the WELL Administrator, we will help guide projects through the certification process, and if sought after, can act as a one-stop shop to assist with completing the necessary documentation. 

MEP Documentation

On projects where ESD is not acting as a one-stop shop for WELL administration, we can assist any team with documenting compliance with the MEP-related WELL features. We are also adept at communicating with Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) if a certain WELL MEP base building feature is considered out of scope, saving the project team time and money. 

Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis process for WELL dives deep into the requirements and variances that exist for a variety of different project types. For a small fee, our team can highlight the additional level of effort required to pursue the level of WELL certification desired.

Fitwel Consulting

Administered by the Center for Active Design (CfAD), Fitwel is a health and wellness certification directed at multi-tenant, single-tenant, commercial interior, and multifamily residential projects. Projects may achieve 1 to 3 stars based on various Fitwel Strategies. Each Fitwel Strategy is linked by empirical evidence to a Fitwel Health Impact Category. Fitwel has no prerequisites and all strategies are voluntary. 


ESD has experience with Fitwel Consulting on commercial interiors for multi-tenant projects. As the Fitwel Administrator, we maintain the Fitwel Scorecard, work with the project team to incorporate Fitwel Strategies into the design, and submit documentation to CfAD. We help guide the project through the certification process and can offer a one-stop shop to assist with completing the necessary documentation. 

Gap Analysis

If interested in Fitwel certification, ESD’s Fitwel gap analysis provides clients with a high-level overview into variances that may exist for a variety of different project types. Our team works through the scorecard to provide an overview of the additional level of effort required to pursue Fitwel certification.