Energy Efficiency

Our Energy+Eco team helps our clients achieve energy reduction goals through a comprehensive approach that includes analyzing energy usage, identifying opportunities that reduce demand and consumption, and recommending cost-effective solutions that have a strong return on investments, saving time and money.  We bring inter-disciplinary architecture and engineering core competencies to uncover and implement the most innovative energy solutions across a variety of building sectors. Our experience includes offices, hospitals, public buildings and schools, laboratories, data centers, campuses, central utility plants, thermal energy storage, cogeneration, renewable energy and more. 

ASHRAE Energy Audits

The first step towards making significant energy-efficiency improvements is identifying the opportunities, and our team applies its technical expertise to develop and perform energy audits that provide the framework for both low-cost and capital-intensive retrofit projects in accordance with ASHRAE Level I, II and III standard requirements. 

Retro-commissioning (RCx)

Our retro-commissioning team identifies, implements and verifies low-cost/no-cost energy-saving solutions by fully optimizing our clients’ facilities. Successful projects typically reduce base building energy consumption by 5%-10% and have a simple payback of less than 18 months. Our engineers will also identify capital-intensive opportunities for future consideration and budget planning.

Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx)

Inefficiencies in building operations often go undetected and uncorrected. Through the use of real-time data analytics and fault detection and diagnostics, building operators can fine tune the energy performance and occupant comfort of their facilities beyond what is possible using a traditional building automation system. Our consultative, vendor-agnostic approach ensures that our clients receive the right solution for any system and budget.

Incentives and Project Funding

Government and utility organizations offer various incentives, grants and tax deductions to support energy-efficient projects in facilities across the United States. We help new construction project teams and existing building property owners optimize project funding through incentive and rebate programs, commercial buildings energy-efficiency tax deductions and bonds, and renewable energy grants.

Building Envelope Investigation

For existing buildings interested in improving their energy efficiency and/or occupant comfort, we can perform a building envelope investigation to detect underperforming materials and/or construction. Our staff of registered architects and accredited building envelope commissioning professionals (BECxP) possess the background to provide a head-to-toe investigation from building foundation to roof. Coupled with building science know-how, we can provide remediation recommendations based on priority and estimated cost, and can recommend a qualified team to perform the remediation.

Thermal Imaging Survey

The same imaging that can be used during construction to detect performance gaps can be used during building occupancy to help pinpoint the cause of thermal- or moisture-related issues. Our clients have appreciated the near-immediate results thermal imaging can provide to either help them resolve issues during construction or during occupancy, with minimal work and inconvenience.