Properly functioning systems result in an extended operating life and offer energy and operational efficiencies. Operational efficiency, budget, and schedule outcomes are improved when commissioning services are provided during schematic design, after buildings are constructed for system tuning, when systems are upgraded, and when there are significant increases in operating expenses.

ESD is a single source for knowledgeable commissioning consultants who are accredited in evaluating and validating building systems to ensure they are designed, installed, and tested to perform according to design intent for the owner’s operational needs.

Our professionals provide the following commissioning services:

Mission Critical Facilities

Mission Critical Facilities (MCF) Commissioning allows our clients to ensure that the critical space that is turned over to them adheres to their redundancy, reliability, and maintainability standards. It also confirms that the building operates as designed which is verified through a series of documentation and testing strategies. This allows the client to enjoy improved facility uptime and provides them with access to all project related documentation in a single well organized location.

Short Circuit Coordination Study Verification

Verification of the project design is critical in the Commissioning process and providing documentation of circuit breaker and relay settings can ensure that the critical equipment is programmed and set appropriately to handle unexpected electrical events properly in the future. Documenting circuit breaker settings and the relay settings to verify they match the approved settings listed in the Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash study provided by the project design team is the main goal of this service.

High Performance Building

The commissioning process ensures that a project is both designed and built to satisfy the vision and requirements of the owner and stakeholders. A successful commissioning effort, initiated during the design phase of a project, ensures a reduction in energy consumption, operating costs, and contractor callbacks, while improving occupant productivity, providing smarter building documentation, and verifying that the systems perform in accordance with the owner’s requirements.

Functional Performance Test and Integrated Systems Test Administration

Our clients want to confirm that their building operates as designed. Increased exposure to the commissioning process has allowed clients and contractors to perform many portions of the commissioning scope internally. In most cases, the functional performance testing and integrated systems testing component of the commissioning process is still too complicated for them to take on. We offer this economical service to compliment their abilities when additional expertise is needed.

Field Services

Around the clock representation is provided from the commissioning authority after equipment begins to arrive on site to ensure that the various commissioning process activities are completed as required within the given time frame.

Health & Science

Health Sciences (HS) Commissioning provides uniquely challenging requirements for midproject uptime and system performance. Within hospital networks, these projects employ an adapted commissioning process in which patient comfort is prioritized while still ensuring delivery of high quality systems which are reliable, maintainable, and energy efficient. The process ensures that building systems are controlling as designed and results in improved uptime and environmental quality. This modified process also applies to lab and pharmaceutical facilities allowing them to maintain production safe conditions throughout the commissioning process.


LEED is recognized by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as a way to earn credits toward LEED certification and is divided into Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning.