Ensuring Key MEP Infrastructure Needs When Retail Goes Medical

Already a strong trend pre-COVID-19, building owners are actively converting vacant retail spaces into a variety of health services clinics. Wellness, therapy, medical and veterinary services tenants must advocate for their unique space and MEP requirements before signing a lease.

Not All Spaces or Activities Present the Same Risk of Transmission

Should I go back to the office? How risky is it to take my family to a restaurant? The Wells-Riley equation offers easy-to-grasp guidance for occupants, as well as building and business owners who are investing in infrastructure, to assess in-person experiences with greater confidence.

Four Simple Strategies Can Mitigate the Coronavirus and Boost Occupant Safety in Buildings

There is no easy button for eliminating the threat of spreading COVID-19, or other viruses, in office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, industrial or education buildings. As society learns more about COVID-19, certain truths are emerging that can significantly reduce the probability of contracting the virus within buildings by understanding this simple four-step strategy. This strategy provides a holistic approach toward creating safer and healthier places versus a single-solution approach.