Not All Spaces or Activities Present the Same Risk of Transmission

Should I go back to the office? How risky is it to take my family to a restaurant? The Wells-Riley equation offers easy-to-grasp guidance for occupants, as well as building and business owners who are investing in infrastructure, to assess in-person experiences with greater confidence.

Four Simple Strategies Can Mitigate the Coronavirus and Boost Occupant Safety in Buildings

There is no easy button for eliminating the threat of spreading COVID-19, or other viruses, in office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, industrial or education buildings. As society learns more about COVID-19, certain truths are emerging that can significantly reduce the probability of contracting the virus within buildings by understanding this simple four-step strategy. This strategy provides a holistic approach toward creating safer and healthier places versus a single-solution approach.

Gupta Explains Riverside’s Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

With airborne transmission of the coronavirus possible within buildings, as confirmed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization, it’s a crucial time for owners and operators of commercial office space to take proactive measures to improve indoor air quality.