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Zelazny to Offer Insights at BOMA Event

Interested in learning how indoor environments can influence cognitive function (example: productivity), tenant attraction/retention and rent levels?

Join the BOMA/Chicago Energy & Sustainability Committee on Wednesday, Aug. 15 from 9 a.m.-noon for a Health and Wellness seminar. Breakfast will be served.

ESD’s own Tim Zelazny – an expert in energy and sustainability consulting for new and existing buildings – will serve on the two panels. His experience will be based on the various health and wellness initiatives adopted on his projects, including those implemented at the meeting’s host, 151 N. Franklin.  The target audience of the seminar will be building owners and managers.

Click here for more information and registration. Not a BOMA member? Contact Diana Zamora at BOMA (dzamora@bomachicago.org) to register.