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Zelazny Spearheads Event to Discuss Carbon-Emission Reduction

Many cities across the world are committed to reducing carbon emissions – and Chicago is no exception.

Tim Zelazny spearheaded and led the event “City of Chicago: Pushing the Envelope” recently, which dovetails with ESD’s belief in promoting building sustainability. More than 120 attended to learn about Chicago’s new goal of reducing carbon emissions more than 25 percent by 2025. This target aligns with the Paris Climate Agreement.

As the co-vice president of Passive House Alliance Chicago, Tim presented on the MEP-related strategies to help projects achieve Passive House certification and, ultimately, net zero carbon emissions. He also presented on his engagement with the City of Chicago and sustainability community to help incentivize green building locally.

Presenters at the event included representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Department of Planning and Development, AIA 2030, AIA Committee on the Environment and Passive House Alliance Chicago.

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