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Workplace Safety and Healthy Buildings

Balancing health, wellness, sustainability, and cost in buildings.

Raj Gupta recently participated in a panel discussion, “Healthy Buildings and the Workplace,” sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Center’s (CAC) Industry Council. The virtual event explored the growing use and relevance of the WELL Building Standard – a certification akin to LEED for energy efficiency – in the healthy buildings movement. As part of the lively discussion, Gupta offered insights and covered questions and topics, including:

Four Key Steps to Improve Health, Wellness, Sustainability, and Cost of Buildings

What are some lessons learned in designing building systems?

Owners and occupants have overlapping goals when it comes to buildings. Here are some key takeaways to note.

How are Health and Safety Standards for Buildings Expanding?

Why are building certifications more important than ever?

Before workers return to their offices, many are demanding a safer and healthier environment. How will building owners meet this demand?

What does the future hold for new and existing buildings in a Post-Pandemic Environment?

What new or revised regulations are in the works?

Standards for energy efficiency, health, and safety for buildings are being revised more frequently. Here are some reasons building owners and managers should take note.

To learn more, reach out to Saagar Patel, ESD’s Energy+Eco Operations Director.

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