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WiredScore Certification
Helps Buildings Stand Out
From the Competition

ESD has been recognized for exceeding Wired Certification Guidelines for Commercial Developments and Redevelopments for connectivity and telecommunications design.

ESD has adopted the WiredScore Certification Guidelines for Commercial Developments and Redevelopments as best practices for connectivity and telecommunications design.

The firm is the first to design to a Platinum-level Wired Certification in Chicago, completing the task at the next-generation 151 North Franklin building. It has also worked on Platinum-level Wired Certification at the 110 North Wacker building in Chicago.

In partnership with WiredScore, ESD assists clients with building evaluation, technology design and implementation to achieve Wired Certification.

Services include:

  • Technology evaluation and needs assessment
  • Coordination with technology vendors and service providers
  • Services during and after construction
  • Acceptance and commissioning

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