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Window on Creating a Better Lobby

Upgrading buildings can make them safer, healthier, more energy efficient, and more attractive to tenants. ESD Eco + Energy Engineer Sabhya Katia says it is important to remember that even small changes to window treatments in a facility’s lobby can lead to big changes in the space’s environment.

In his article “How to Upgrade Your Facility’s Lobby,” published by FacilitiesNet magazine, Katia reviews a study conducted for a client renovating its office lobby. Katia says the project studied the impact of replacing and expanding windows in the lobby of a major downtown Chicago building. The concern of building owners was that the upgrade may lead to window condensation issues.

Katia’s article examines the potential health and safety issues that can arise if excess humidity and condensation become an issue. He also offers a list of questions building owners and managers should consider including:

  • How often does the condensation occur, and is it a persistent problem?
  • Is the condensation occurring on the interior or exterior of the windows?
  • Is the condensation causing damage to the windows or the surrounding building materials?
  • Are there any health concerns associated with the condensation, such as the growth of mold or other harmful substances?

Katia also advises owners and operators to investigate any building codes or regulations that need to be followed to address the issue of window condensation. He also writes that evaluating the overall cost of mitigating condensation issues can help determine whether or not a lobby renovation is worth the investment.

Sabhya Katia freely shares his expertise in energy modeling as part of ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Contact ESD’s experts for more information on how ESD can help with energy efficiency and other carbon reduction planning.

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