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Wi-Fi 6 Upgrade: The Time is Now

Faster speeds, more stability, better performance, and greater security are just some of the benefits to end user experiences promised by the latest release of 802.11ax, better known as Wi-Fi 6.

An article by Jerrett Fancher on “Why Now is the Best Time for Building Owners to Upgrade to WI-FI 6” was recently published by CoreNet Global’s The Pulse. Fancher examines the next generation of wireless connectivity and describes what makes it different from its predecessors.

The article also discusses the most important step in moving to Wi-Fi 6 is to plan for a proper design. Faster speeds, more stability, improved performance, increased capacity, longer client battery life, and greater security are all worthy reasons for a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade. But Fancher warns all these new features cannot fix access point (AP) locations down the road. Poor design can dramatically impact the performance of a wireless network, the user experience, and costs associated with troubleshooting and correcting problems after installation.

Jerrett Fancher’s wireless design experiences have taken him around the globe to several countries, including Belgium, France, England, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. He shares his professional knowledge in support of ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Reach out to Jerrett for more information on wireless technology or to find out how ESD can help with you corporate networking needs.

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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