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Why an Investment in a Contactless Office Can Foster Worker Confidence

Mo Fahim discusses technology strategies during Crain’s roundtable discussion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the safety of building occupants and workers challenging for building owners and employers. One solution is the contactless office, which implements new technologies, practices and procedures.

Mo Fahim, Practice Leader for ESD’s Intelligent Building Technologies group, discussed strategies and best practices in the roundtable discussion “Roundtable on the Contactless Office: Creating a Safer Workplace,” which was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business. “Contactless offices rely on more than just the individual components,” Fahim explained. “When there’s a clear plan that’s aligned with a company’s culture and operations, investments in the right technologies will foster greater confidence among the workforce to go to the office.”

Fahim pointed out that ESD was ahead of the game with its Living Lab operation in its Willis Tower headquarters.

“Prior to the pandemic, we deployed mobile digital access control and indoor air quality sensors throughout our office and sensors to help with space optimization,” he said. “Since mid-March, we’ve added touchless thermal scanners in our office while consulting with many of our clients on contactless technology strategies for lobbies, elevators, restrooms and the overall workplace.”

Fahim is also an expert on innovative AV touchless technologies.

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