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Where Should You Build Your Next Data Center?

Data center development has exploded to keep up with our increasingly online lives. As the number of data centers increases, the stakes keep getting higher making the process of securing a site to sometimes require secrecy.

Built In explores the evolution of data centers in “What Goes On Inside a Modern Data Center?” The article touches on the importance of location with the two biggest drivers being safety and proximity to network exchange. Other differentiators include labor costs, tax incentives, access to talent and renewable energy and cost of energy.

Jennifer Reininger told Built In that, even while a company might be negotiating with a municipality on things like tax incentives on one hand, a representative might also, say, only use their first name, or send emails from a non-work address during initial outreach, in efforts to avoid a bidding war or community backlash. In the beginning, “you definitely want to keep things more under hat,” she said.

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