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What Do Stakeholders Who Are Developing Smart Buildings Need to Know?

The market for smart buildings is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2024, according to a study by marketsandmarkets cited by Bloomberg. That’s a phenomenal growth rate from 2019, when the market was about $60 billion.

The growth prompts a number of questions for those stakeholders thinking about creating smart buildings: What products, tools or systems are used most to design smart buildings? At what level do building owners and facility managers implement these designs in their buildings? What should consultants understand when embarking on a smart building project?

Mo Fahim, Practice Leader | Intelligent Building Technologies at ESD, will join the Smart Buildings Expert Panel beginning Monday, Oct. 5 during CFE Media and Technology’s Virtual Training Week to discuss the main criteria for system selection in smart buildings and explain which product types/systems are most common in smart building design. He will share important tips about designing smart buildings and, with the rest of the panel, review examples of smart, integrated building design.

Fahim possesses long-term expertise in the field.  Earlier this year. He explained why it’s important to understand how adoption and implementation of smart buildings can be a challenge during an interview with facilitiesnet.com.

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