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Vallort Ready to Barnstorm the Hoosier State

Jim Vallort, an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, is ready to take his show on the Indiana road.

He will give three talks over two days. On October 26, Vallort will present “Building Automation System Master Planning – Take Control of Your Facilities” at the Northern Indiana ASHRAE Chapter in South Bend at lunchtime, before addressing the same topic to ASHRAE listeners in Sherville that evening. The presentation will explore ways a Building Automation System Master Plan can prepare for future technological advancements.

The next day, Vallort will pivot to a presentation on Intelligent Buildings to the ASHRAE Fort Wayne Chapter beginning at 11:30 a.m. He will share what an Intelligent Building is and how ASHRAE members can put their buildings on the right path to take advantage of available technology.

Recently returned from a talk in Thailand, Vallort is a prime example of the importance of spreading ESD’s knowledge to all parts of the world.