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Vallort Poised to Address Commissioning, Intelligent Buildings in Texas

As the saying goes: Everything’s bigger in Texas. That may be why ESD’s Jim Vallort – who’s been giving presentations from Hong Kong to Wisconsin this year – will be giving two talks on one day in the Lone Star State.

The ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer will present ”Critical Facilities New Construction Commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning” and “Intelligent Buildings – Technology is changing what is possible in the built environment” at the ASHRAE Fort Worth chapter on Wednesday, Nov. 20. The first will explore the fundamentals of new construction commissioning (Cx) and existing building commissioning (EBCx) for critical facilities, while the latter will explain how facility managers can put their buildings on a path to a “higher education”.

Vallort has spent his career focusing on energy, ranging from measuring energy usage, optimizing the systems, integrating automation to control energy and the impact of commissioning on energy consumption.