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Vallort Expands ASHRAE Duties

Already tapped as a Distinguished Lecturer on three topics, ASHRAE added a fourth this year for Jim Vallort.

“Primary Heating/Cooling Plant Strategies & How to Maximize the Energy & Financial Savings” is the newest subject for Vallort, one of 70 or so speakers that ASHRAE sends around the world to share their knowledge. Vallort gave the talk earlier this year in Rio, site of the upcoming Olympics. Given that ESD is devoting more resources to the heating/cooling plant market, Vallort’s presentations will help build business.

A Distinguished Lecturer since 2015, the other topics assigned to Vallort — an ASHRAE vice president — are “Achieving a Green Data Center: More than a Good Design is Needed”; “Intelligent Buildings — Technology is Changing What is Possible in the Built Environment” and “Building Automation System Master Planning — Take Control of Your Facility’s Future.”