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Unlocking Building Value Through Repositioning

The benefits of building repositioning include:

  • It can be half the cost of building new.
  • It attracts new tenants while keeping existing tenants.
  • Construction activity is scheduled around your building tenants, with special emphasis on non-disruption.
  • Energy Credits are offered to your tenants as an incentive.
  • It increases marketing and ROI through image and function.

ESD has helped several clients unlock value through our approach and breadth of services relative to building repositioning. Sometimes, these services are provided to an anchor tenant for validating a relocation decision with long-term benefits, and at other times the building’s owner seeks these services to attract their targeted anchor tenants. In either case, when TCO services are provided early in the real estate decision-making process, both the tenant and the owner benefit.

Recent successes such as Urban Land Investments’ repositioning U.S. Bank Plaza in Madison, WI and Hillshire Brands relocation to 400 South Jefferson in Chicago, IL exemplify how the TCO approach to repositioning through exploration and analysis of energy statistics, technology integration, and construction and operating costs benefit both a building owner and / or an anchor tenant.

In addition to the TCO consulting services ESD provides, we have many strong relationships with channel partners. Tishman Construction’s Building Repositioning Group is a valued channel partner with experience changing both function and appearance in buildings that have outgrown their lifecycle.

ESD Consulting focuses on the energy+eco modeling as well as upgrades to better reduce energy cost for you and your tenants. During the asset analysis process, we provide concept design, energy modeling, estimating, and technical support materials for marketing your building.

Click on the button below to schedule an initial building repositioning analysis. Tishman BR Group and ESD Consulting will be conducting asset analysis to determine if your building qualifies for the latest building repositioning benefits.

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