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Understanding Thermal Screening Solutions as Employees Return to the Workplace

Giving workers who are returning to office buildings a sense of comfort is extremely important for their morale amid the pandemic. Though far from a perfect technology, thermal screening can provide some comfort and help contribute to the wellness of staff and visitors.

What are best practices in evaluating, selecting and deploying thermal screening solutions? ESD’s Thermal Screening Considerations Guide supplies our clients with recommendations for enacting what you need not just for reentry – but for the long haul. 

At ESD, we continue to help our clients define their use cases, navigate what’s possible to achieve their objectives, evaluate solutions and select what’s practical for their immediate and long-term needs. If you would like further assistance in better understanding thermal-sensing solutions and in evaluating your options, reach out to Mo Fahim or Coleman Wolf to continue the discussion about technology and how it can set your enterprise and workplace on the road to success.

Click the button below for a downloadable copy of our Thermal Screening Considerations Guide.