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Tumber, Streich Show How IAQ Impacts Humans and Machines

Not sustaining indoor air quality a recipe for disaster.

Maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) is imperative for occupant health and comfort. It also has an impact on the reliable operation and longevity of information technology equipment.

Saahil Tumber and Michael Streich bring to light the importance of indoor air quality and the design of ventilation systems in their article “Sustaining Indoor Air Quality” for CSE magazine. They explain the repercussions of inadequate ventilation and unsatisfactory IAQ on occupants and on businesses. They also discuss commonly missed requirements of ASHRAE 62.1 and best practices to maintain acceptable IAQ for data centers.

Want to know more? If you would like further assistance in better understanding how to improve indoor air quality for your workspace or data center, reach out to Saahil 

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