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Training Flourishes at ESD

To support our employees’ self-development, we have a prolific lunch-and-learn training program.  Every month we offer up to 30 in-person training courses. 

So far, our employees have completed more than 2,400 hours of lunch-and-learn training this year, an average of 10 hours per person companywide.  This program, combined with other training sources, has ESD on pace to top the Association for Talent Development (ATD) benchmark of 30 hours of annual learning per employee. 

Assisting us this year is our new learning management system, ESDu. With ESDu in place, we are well-positioned to not only capture more of our learner’s history but also to offer them more in one place.  We are constantly looking for new content to add to ESDu from all of our disciplines. 

From a new hire’s first day and his or her onboarding tasks to a 30-year veteran looking for impactful ways to accumulate personal development hours for his or her PE certification renewal, ESDu helps bring structure and purpose to our learning.

Having so many skill sets from such broad disciplines, it can be challenging bringing everyone together under the same vision for training and self-development.  Using ESDu is one way we work to make this possible.