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Time for a Cool Change in Pakistan

Despite its often-sizzling climate, air conditioning and refrigeration are the exception rather than the norm in Pakistan, a country home to the sixth-largest population on earth.

Jim Vallort took to the airwaves on Pakistan TV in March to explain how air conditioning and refrigeration can improve society there. While the former can buoy the health of the country by creating a more sanitary environment within hospitals and clinics, refrigeration can reduce spoiled crops.  If you harvest 100 apples in Pakistan today, Vallort estimates, only 35 might make it to the store.

Vallort tackled other topics during his trip. During the 23rd HVACR Expo & Conference in Pakistan – which welcomed about 5,000 attendees – his presentation “Intelligent Buildings: How Technology is Changing What is Possible in the Built Environment” won the Best Paper award.