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The Evolving Role of the C.I.E.I.O

Part I, "CIO’s TCO Challenge: Build vs. Colocation vs. Cloud, provides a deeper dive of what Paul Schlattman wrote about in the fifth column of 2014’s "The Cloud Has Walls" series. Explore why the role of CIO has changed in recent years to involve driving technology to make a profit, gain market share, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Part II, "The CIO’s Role in Driving Profits" looks at how technology drives profits and revenues in the finanical industry, retail industry, and local goverments. Learn how multiple platforms of technology have given the CIO power to drive profits through Big Data.

Part III, "Avoiding Bad Data Center Decisions," gives us Paul Schlattman’s Top 5 "just because I can, doesn’t mean I should" decisions for data center design.

Part IV, "Technology, Innovation, or People," answers the question, "Where should the new CIO put their greatest efforts: technology, innovation, or people?" Also, read to learn more about an ESD product development project with xCelor and how this exemplifies how the combination of technology, innovation, and people is like a three-legged stool.

Part V, "Data Center Disaster Recovery and the CIO," looks at how new technology drives different distaster recovery (DR) criteria within the enterprise data center market. Is your DR plan safe and effective for today’s evolving environment?