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The Digital Divide in Education: What?s the Best Way to Solve It?

Jeff Drenovsky to lead panel focused on technology in education on Thursday, Oct. 29.

School districts nationwide are faced with a challenge: How to bridge the digital divide as e-learning and distributed-learning models become more prevalent. According to The Wall Street Journal, a Chicago public/private plan to offer free broadband access to 100,000 poor students could serve as a template for a nationwide plan to mitigate the digital divide among students, which has become a hot topic during the pandemic.

Jeff Drenovsky will lead the Communication Technologies Forum panel “Technology in Education: Bridging the Digital Divide” on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 2 p.m. Central Time. The panelists will discuss the many aspects of the digital divide, including students having the right personal equipment and having access to the internet, the challenges of inadequate class-room technology and more. 

Want to know more? If you would like further assistance in better understanding technology in education and how to bridge the digital divide, reach out to Jeff.