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The Cloud Has Walls

When we think of cloud we think of an ?unknown place that is undefined to the user, providing applications and storage of data.? Most individual users of the cloud take for granted that the provider is reliable, putting trust in their ability to manage data and provide certain basic applications. The fact is, there is no magical cloud where data is stored; it?s a data center with walls and an infrastructure (that may or may not be reliable).

In Part 1 of Paul Schlattman?s ?The Cloud Has Walls? column in Mission Critical Magazine, follow technology trends over the last 20 years to see how we?ve arrived at today?s cloud environment.

Part II looks at the data center acquisition process and how brokers and technical authorities can be invaluable in identifying properties, developing technical programs, and identifying the potential revenue of the acquisition.

Part III examines developing the pro forma during an aquisition or property sale, with the understanding that it is the combined knowledge of the broker and engineer that creates the most accurate and convincing pro forma for both the seller and the buyer.

Part IV looks at the Brazilian telecommunications infrastructure and provides evidence to why it seems as if the timing is right for data center aquisitions and partnering in that region of the world.
Part V looks at how the role of the CIO, with the growth of technology, has evolved into a position that drives revenue.

Part VI explores the evolving relationship between technology and productivity, providing examples of how it changes the workplace as well as the numerous financial benefits it provides at the C-Level.