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Thanks for the Mentoring

ACE Chicago, the mentorship program focused on supporting students interested in careers in architecture, construction, and engineering, hosted an event to thank supporters.

ESD Practice Leader and ACE Chicago Executive Board Member Andrew Lehrer says the in-person gathering recognized the organizations and individuals sponsoring the Building Futures 2022 fundraising event. Lehrer says “ESD’s participation in the ACE Mentor Program offers invaluable support for the Chicago community and bolsters the future of our industry.”

Lehrer says the event to thank sponsors was a precursor to another annual highlight coming next month—the 2022 Student Showcase. That is when Building Futures 2022 will spotlight student projects developed with the creative support of mentors. The event will also announce apprenticeships, summer internships, and scholarships to students entering the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Andrew lives the company’s mission to improve society through the built environment by giving back to the industry through programs like ACE. To learn more about ESD and its people, visit our website.

To see a list of sponsors, or to learn about personal or corporate donations, check out the ACE Mentor Program Chicago website.

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