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Patel Shares Insights on HVAC Best Practices During ASHRAE Webinar

During the pandemic, building owners and operators have been looking for guidance on best practices to create the safest-possible office environment when workers return.

How Can Mechanical Systems Protect Against COVID-19 in the Workplace?

Jensen to offer insights during GreenBuild Virtual Expo Hall.

Commercial Real Estate Faces Many Changes in New Era

What will change in the world of commercial real estate as we return to work in the built environment?

Buildings Need Strategy for Indoor Air Quality as Workers Return

As people return to their offices, changes to air quality in the built environment will help create safer spaces.

ESD, DW Hammer Speakers to Explain Best Steps to Prepare Properties for Workers

Building managers and engineers are under intense pressure to get their properties prepared for anxious tenants coming back to work. And ESD is here to help them.

Facility Managers Should Check HVAC Systems During Crisis

HVAC systems can change operation in a variety of ways to help alleviate coronavirus concerns in commercial office buildings.

Are You Safe Breathing Indoors?

Studies reveal indoor concentration of contaminants can be up to five times higher than the concentration outside. The EPA says billions of dollars are lost annually due to decreased productivity and absenteeism when workers fall sick…

Lehrer Discusses Ways to Boost Efficiency with RTUs

Companies across the United States could save roughly $1 billion annually in energy costs by replacing 10-to-20-ton rooftop air conditioning units (RTU) with ones that meet the high performance RTU specification.

Vallort Addresses Two Topics at ASHRAE Event

In the last two years, Jim Vallort has conducted presentations in Greece, Malaysia and other global hot spots. Finally, he showed up to give his insightful talks within driving range of ESD’s Willis Tower headquarters.