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Trading Floors Face Business-Continuity Changes in Post-Pandemic World

Though high-tech financial firms have traditionally focused on highly redundant and resilient infrastructure to overcome disruptions to their trading floors, global pandemics and stay-at-home governance have not traditionally been on the list of business-continuity considerations.

The Road to Recovery: Navigating What?s Possible for Healthier Spaces

There is a lot for building and office managers to consider as employees return to the workplace.

Fahim and Lardenoit Offer Guidance on Tech Strategies in Post-Pandemic World

Technology has gone from a nice-to-have tool to one that is essential for business continuity during the pandemic.

How a Convention Center Was Transformed to Save Lives

Like other buildings, government buildings are not immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On occasion, they need to be transformed from their original purpose.

What is the Future of Operations & Control Centers?

The pandemic has tested the productivity, efficiency, and infrastructure systems to support customer-experience continuity across industries and has opened the door for employees and thought leaders to accelerate AI and ML initiatives, update infrastructure to support a distributed workforce and seek ways to bring their teams together.

Clients Can Benefit from VRF Systems for Trading Floors

Building and maintaining a trading floor is expensive for financial firms. Should companies choose to spend more money by installing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems?

Kos to Discuss Rush?s Pandemic-Ready Design on CTBUH Panel

The architecture, engineering and construction industry – commonly known as AEC – is having to adapt quickly to the pandemic, especially in the area of healthcare.

Moving Essential Projects Forward

Extraordinary circumstances are accelerating the transformation of face-to-face activities to virtual activities to move essential projects forward.

Trading Floor Business Continuity Strategies Will Require Investments Beyond Resiliency and Redundancy

Business continuity plans have been tested during the pandemic, providing an opportunity to evaluate current workplace designs and operations standards to support traders’ health. There are several programming, design and operation strategies modern trading firms can implement to keep their traders trading.