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Codes and Regulations

ESD Experts Address Impact of 2019 Title 24 Energy Code

The 2019 Title 24 Energy Code is changing the way California buildings will be constructed in the post-COVID-19 world.

Jalayerian?s Expertise With Drawings Will Be on Display Online

Documents are crucial to the building process.

Are You Safe Breathing Indoors?

Studies reveal indoor concentration of contaminants can be up to five times higher than the concentration outside. The EPA says billions of dollars are lost annually due to decreased productivity and absenteeism when workers fall sick…

Martig Explains Important Ideas for Lighting Retrofit

If you are in a legacy building, odds are it contains antiquated lighting – and likely because of this, there are stumbling blocks to achieving the best new lighting design for your facility.

Innovative Solution Does a Power of Good in San Francisco

For its 110,000-square-foot project across a number of floors in San Francisco, the software firm Atlassian wanted 100% mobile workstations in their open office space. This required a thorough evaluation of flexible power solutions and the associated architectural impacts.

ESD to Promote UL Cloud Certification at Data Center World Event

UL Cloud Certification helps mitigate risk for data center owners and operators by providing a set of criteria to increase end-user transparency, provider accountability and proper data center documentation.

Lambiaso to Address Importance of Data Center Certification

Though the mass adoption of cloud computing has created an efficient way for companies to store and manage data, the risk of outages has grown exponentially – making it all the more important to know that the data center a firm chooses is certified.

LEED Designation Is Proof Positive of ESD?s Successful Approach

ESD has worked on a sizable amount of LEED-certified projects. So it’s no surprise that, thanks to its Energy+Eco group, the firm has received an important designation related to the certification system. 

ESD Experts Discuss Ways for Pharmacies to Comply with Changes

Though some businesses are in the midst of celebrating the holidays, pharmacies need to tamper the festivities and focus instead on important changes coming in 2019.