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Case Studies

Brendamour to Provide Supercomputer Tutorial at Data Center World

Many decisions need to be made in the design of an energy-efficient supercomputer facility.

Zelazny to Discuss Innovative WELL Project During Webinar

In 2019, 151 North Franklin became the nation’s first WELL-certified Core & Shell v1 Gold high-rise.

Karnatz to Highlight Smart Building Work at BuiltWorlds Event

Smart buildings – ones connected by the Internet of Things to make effective decisions – increase energy efficiency and decrease the chance of detrimental environmental impacts.

ESD?s Persistence Resolves Problem with Valves

ESD always addresses issues so that everyone succeeds.

In-the-Moment Observations

In life, there are embarrassing, painful, challenging, stressful, enjoyable and fulfilling moments…

Moto Moving Forward

It was the largest tenant build-out Chicago has seen in at least a decade; but what does it take to design, schedule, and implement a project as massive as the Motorola Mobility Global Headquarters?

Ping Tom Memorial Fieldhouse: A Big Step with a Little Footprint

Designed with Chicago-based architects and design builders Wight & Company, the Ping Tom Memorial Fieldhouse in Chicago’s Chinatown features sustainable systems …

Implementing microgrids: Controlling campus, community power generation

Microgrids can lower cost and raise reliability for the owner and for surrounding communities.

Supertall Buildings Infrastructure: Designing Vertical Cities

Using Kingdom Tower as a case study, supertall building expert Mehdi Jalayerian explains how building efficiency begins with an integrated design process.