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Record Breaking Year in Data Center Development Services (DCDS) and M&A Services for ESD Consulting

Data Center Development Services

2015 proved once again that the activity within new data center development is continuing to grow as predicted by industry leaders in 2014.  Recently JLL identified within its newsletter that the two leading markets in construction right now are Seattle and Chicago.  Additionally, other markets such as Loudon County, VA and Dallas/Austin markets are also keeping pace with new construction.

Partners Cushman & Wakefield and NGKF led the DCDS effort in numerous markets with ESD Consulting in Boston, Austin, Dallas, Ashburn, and international markets. Additional partnering with CBRE and JLL are occurring on the West Coast as well as our back yard in Chicago. Thanks everyone for considering ESD Consulting in 2015 and into our future!

Mergers and Acquisitions

ESD Consulting’s participation in M&A in both fixed assets (data centers) as well as corporate acquisitions grew over 90% in 2015.  Working with the real estate advisory community, ESD Consulting focuses on CAPX and OPEX cost, and 15 year CAPX outlook prior to acquisition. 

As data center collocation and wholesale providers continue to strive to provide shareholder value, it is anticipated that the M&A activity will once again grow in 2016.  In 2015, ESD Consulting participated in both fixed asset and corporate acquisitions within Ashburn, Chicago, Utah, Dallas, San Juan PR, Boston, and Minneapolis.

2015 ESD Consulting TCO and MCF Engineering

The year 2015 proved strong again in ESD’s data center engineering and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Services.  ESD’s data center engineering represented over $1.1B (estimated) in DC construction value (generally projected by percentage of fee) encompassing projects both nationally and internationally.