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Preparing IT clients for an office move

“Planning a move is a unique puzzle that requires special consideration, and the effort to accomplish it is often underestimated. It can be compared to putting on a play. There's a lot to prepare, including building the set, advertising and selling tickets, getting costumes and props, rehearsing, and finally, performing. Everyone has a job to do and by the time of the first performance, they need to do it flawlessly…An office move is like that, but there are some differences. You only get to perform it once, so there will be extra pressure to get it right. There is a lot of preparation, but no rehearsing.”

ESD's Jack Sturm has consulted on countless office moves including office construction, office renovations, and permanent or temporary office relocations.¬†From what is expected of you during an office move, how to make use of resources, and how to prepare – Jack offers advice and best practices in his article for Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Preparing IT clients for an office move.”