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Planning for Post-Pandemic Office Returns

A roundtable of industry experts recently shared views and insights on the challenges of workplace re-occupancy in an era of COVID-19.

Julie Lardenoit, and two other Chicago-based experts, answer questions in a new article aimed at helping owners, landlords, and tenants safely return to the workplace. The Crain’s Chicago Business feature, “Roundtable on Workplace Re-occupancy,” examines the concerns of company leaders faced with creating a return to office plan in a post-pandemic world. According to Lardenoit, many building improvements and upgrades have been focused on indoor air quality (IAQ), health and wellness, and touchless technologies.

The group also shared details on current or recently completed projects their companies have been directly involved with to prepare businesses for return to office/reoccupancy.

For more information on what to consider when creating a safe re-occupancy plan, see “Returning to the Workplace After COVID-19.” Reach out to Julie to answer any questions you have regarding workplace solutions.

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